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December 21, 2006



british homos are a nonstop delight. but isn't he designing kate moss's wedding dress?



I am absolutely lost! I've been looking for forums and people who are diehard followers of Queen so they can help me with something.

Maybe you can? Or suggest an alternative.

I found this magazine scan of an Alexander jacket and fell in love! But I simply cannot find it ANYWHERE, not even the proper name.



It's from the 2004 issue of FLAUNT magazine.

;-;! HELP

Thank you, and email reply would be appreciative.

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thanks for the info, it's something to think about, i'll stay in touch!!

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Anyone doing a social network must realize that they are in the media business and NOT the technology business. Think of yourself as a magazine. What's important in a magazine? Is it a really easy to use table of contents?

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